Confidence can set you free in many ways. Feeling comfortable in your own skin can be one of the hardest leaps. It’s a path walked with lots of patience and gratitude. Be kind to yourself. Have appreciation for yourself because you have the power. We are all gifted, don’t be held back by herd mentality… BE YOU. we open our hearts to the world suddenly this life seems more vibrant & abundant.

Are we more prone to swiping left or right?


90% of people are right handed; an enormous majority. Think of more than 5 people you have relations with who are left handed? Exactly. Why is that so rare to be a lefty? Is the right side of the brain that different from the left…? What is the difference between the right and left hemisphere? I can’t dispose a 100% accurate answer to these questions, I can only ponder them. Yes or no? Stop or go?